Out on DVD | 2012 – Disaster movie maestro Roland Emmerich lets rip

Global catastrophe strikes when a chain of natural disasters begins to wreak havoc on earth - who will survive?

Roland Emmerich has already threatened Earth with warlike extraterrestrials (Independence Day), a giant mutant lizard (Godzilla) and a global super storm (The Day After Tomorrow), but he raises the stakes even higher with 2012, letting rip with earthquakes, volcanoes and giant tsunamis all around the globe. Among the actors struggling to make themselves heard above the cataclysmic din, John Cusack stars as a struggling writer striving to get his family to safety,  Amanda Peet is his estranged wife, Woody Harrelson a conspiracy nut DJ, and Chiwetel Ejiofor the scientist who knows what’s going on. The story’s stuffed with almost every disaster movie cliché you can think of, but as Cusack’s hero strives to save the day amid exploding lava bombs, toppling skyscrapers and humungous waves it’s a full-throttle thrill ride.

Released on 29th March.

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