Phantasm 1-5: Limited Edition Collection | The cult horror gets a superior release from Arrow


This fantastic collection brings together all of the films in the Phantasm saga – including the most recent Phantasm: Ravager – a rarity in horror franchises in that the original cast, including Angus Scrimm, A Michael Baldwin and Reggie Bannister return again and again.

Created by Don Coscarelli, who wrote, directed and produced across the series, the films follow Mike and Reggie in their seemingly endless battle with Scrimm’s supernatural undertaker, the Tall Man, all the while dodging killer flying spheres, undead dwarf minions.


Presented here in a stunning Limited Edition Dual Format release by Arrow Video, it’s the first time all five films have been brought together on Blu-ray – including a brand new 4K restoration of the 1979 classic, Phantasm, overseen by Star Wars and Star Trek helmer, JJ Abrams.