Packed with gothic tropes, black humour and eccentric performances, the cult British horror Psychomania is out now on DVD and Blu-ray in a Dual Format Edition by BFI Flipside, stuffed with special extras, and featuring an 2K remastered print.



It’s one of the weirdest films about young undead bikers on the rampage you’ll ever see, and the only one to feature Hollywood legend George Sanders and British star Beryl Reid as toad-worshipping Satanists.

Upon discovering a dark family secret Tom Latham (Nick Henson), the leader of hell-raising teen motorcycle gang ‘The Living Dead’, decides to take drastic measures to ensure his gang’s superiority. Through his devil-worshipping mother (Beryl Reid), Tom makes a pact with Satan to ascertain the secret of immortality. Using this information he encourages his fellow riders to end their lives, safe in the knowledge that they’ll soon return from the dead to invulnerably terrorise the locals.

Packed with black humour and eccentric performances (including Sanders final screen role), Psychomania is a cult horror classic brimming with exciting action and fantastical mayhem.


• Newly re-mastered in 2K and presented in the original aspect ratio (1.66:1), with optional subtitles.
Return of the Living Dead (2010, 25 mins): featuring interviews with stars Nicky Henson, Mary Larkin, Denis Gilmore, Roy Holder and Rocky Taylor.
Sound of Psychomania (2010, 9 mins): interview with composer John Cameron.
Riding Free (2010, 7 mins): interview with singer-songwriter Harvey Andrews.
• Interview with Nicky Henson (2016, 14 mins): who recalls his time on the film.
Hell for Leather (2016, 8 mins): Short film about the company who supplied the film’s costumes.
• Remastering Psychomania (2016, 2 mins):
Discovering Britain (1955, 3 mins) Vintage travelogue, narrated by the celebrated poet, about the Avebury stone circle.
Roger Wonders Why (1965, 19 mins): Amateur film which sees two Christian biker youths visit the 59 Club, and meet its founder Reverend Bill Shergold.
• Original theatrical trailer.
• Wilson Bros Trivia Track (2016, 91min, onscreen text): Subtitle trivia track.
• Collector’s booklet with new writings on the film; plus full film credits.