Quackerz | Bizarre Russian-American-Chinese animated adventure fails to fly


They’ll quack you up.

Feathers fly when a skein of mallards mistakenly invades a remote Chinese island of Mandarin ducks. But two young members of the rival flocks manage to overcome their differences in a bid to thwart a wicked witch and her plot to extinguish the sun.

Oddball computer-animated adventure Quackerz is a Russian-American-Chinese co-production. So no wonder the resulting concoction is a bit of a hodgepodge. Still, cross-cultural confusion is one of the movie’s themes (the mallards’ deludedly gung-ho leader refuses to believe they haven’t arrived in Hawaii), and Alanna Ubach does a nice line in haughty villainy as the voice of the witch.

Certificate PG.Runtime 81 mins. Director Victor Luckysov

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