Red Sparrow | Jennifer Lawrence’s baddass Bolshoi ballerina turns seductive spy

Red Sparrow Jennifer Lawrence Dominika Egorova

 Seductive. Deceptive. Deadly.

Jennifer Lawrence re-teams with Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence for Red Sparrow,  a brutal espionage thriller that submits her character to ordeals every bit as grim and gruelling as those endured by Katniss Everdeen.

She plays an ex-Bolshoi ballerina who gets recruited by Russian intelligence to go to ‘Sparrow School’ and be trained as a ruthlessly alluring spy. Sent to Budapest to ply her new skills of seduction and manipulation on Joel Edgerton’s CIA agent, she is forced into a playing a perilous double game.

Based on a novel by former CIA agent Jason Matthews, the film takes its far-fetched plot extremely seriously, serving up some grisly violence and lurid sex. The results lack the dazzle of last year’s Atomic Blonde, but Lawrence’s steely grace and deadpan inscrutability make the spy shenanigans work.

Certificate 15. Runtime 140 mins. Director Francis Lawrence

Available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Twentieth Century Fox.