The Ritual | Rafe Spall and chums find something nasty in the Swedish woods

The Ritual Robert James-Collier Rafe Spall Arsher Ali Sam Troughton

Don’t take the shortcut.

Atmospheric horror thriller The Ritual sends four ex-university friends – including Rafe Spall’s guilt-wracked everyman and Robert James-Collier’s macho alpha male – on a hiking trip in northern Sweden. When they attempt a short cut through a forest, they inevitably get more than they bargained for. In the hands of director David Bruckner, the deep, dark woods are scary enough on their own, but hallucinatory psychological terrors and grisly physical dangers also lie in wait for the ill-fated quartet. When one of the hikers jeers to his more timid fellows, ‘Are you scared of the woods,’ you just know something nasty lies in store.

Certificate 15. Runtime 94 mins. Director David Bruckner

The Ritual is available on DVD & Digital from Entertainment One.

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