Doomsday - Rhona Mitra as Eden Sinclair

Is Neil Marshall a shameless rip-off merchant or an impudent fan boy paying homage to his favourite films? Watching the so-called Splat Pack director’s gory post-apocalyptic action movie Doomsday, which comes out on DVD today, I can’t make up my mind.

Marshall (maker of werewolf movie Dog Soldiers and potholing horror flick The Descent
Cashback - Sean Ellis’s offbeat comedy

At least fashion photographer turned filmmaker Sean Ellis rips off himself with his offbeat romantic comedy Cashback, which is based on his Oscar-nominated 18-minute short and incorporates all the earlier film’s footage.

Sean Biggerstaff (better known as Quidditch hot shot Oliver Wood in the first two Harry Potter films) stars as art student Ben, who finds himself suffering from chronic insomnia after breaking up with his girlfriend (Michelle Ryan, caught between East Enders and Bionic Woman