The Night Is Young | Four lovelorn Los Angelenos hit the town in this rambling romcom

The Night is Young Kelen Coleman Matt Jones Dave Hill Eloise Mumford

Low-key, low-budget romantic comedy The Night Is Young finds two pairs of love-seeking male and female friends hooking up in a Los Angeles bar and spending a rambling night on the town together. Their escapades are hardly a laugh riot, but the quartet – depressed actor Matt, frustrated writer Dave (played by the film’s co-writers and directors Matt Jones and Dave Hill), waitress/wannabe actress Syd (Eloise Mumford) and grounded market analyst Amy (Kelen Coleman) – manage to tread a fine line between being irritating and endearing. As a bonus, Allison Janney pops up along the way to deliver a brisk cameo as an upbeat, philosophical Uber driver.

Certificate 15. Runtime 86 mins. Directors Dave Hill, Matt Jones

The Night Is Young is available on DVD & Digital from Precision Pictures.