Trolls | Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake bring the ugly-cute toys to life with zingy jollity

Trolls Anna Kendrick Justin Timberlake

Grown-ups with an aversion for auto-tuned bubblegum pop and eye-popping day-glo pink will want to steer well clear of Trolls, a DreamWorks animated musical adventure inspired by those ugly-cute toy dolls with the vertical hair. But the film’s zingy jollity will probably hit the spot for younger viewers.

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake provide the voices of the story’s mismatched hero and heroine, irrepressibly perky Troll princess Poppy and grumpy loner Branch, who doesn’t go in for his fellows’ non-stop singing, dancing and hugging. Nevertheless, when crisis strikes and a bunch of Poppy’s friends are snatched by the ogre-like, Troll-eating Bergens, the pair set off together to rescue them.

Listen out for the voices of Russell Brand, James Corden and John Cleese amid the pop songs and poop jokes.

Certificate U. Runtime 89 mins. Director Walt Dohrn,Mike Mitchell

Trolls is available on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital HD, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Blu-ray extras:
    •    Party Mode – Sing, dance and laugh along with the Trolls
    •    Travel Through Troll Village – Cloud Guy narrates a fun exploration of Troll Village.
    •    The Potion for Stop-Motion – Part behind-the-scenes, part stop-motion tutorial, this featurette explores the process in the film that went behind the creation of Poppy’s visually stunning scrapbook.
    •    Creating Troll Magic – Trolls Production Designer Kendal Cronkhite leads a kid-friendly exploration of her role as production designer on the film before highlighting four key stages of creating the animation with detailed visuals of each stage.
    •    Troll 2 Troll – Poppy and Branch have a friendly debate on important topics such as “Cat vs. Dog.”
    •    Inside the Bunker – An in-depth exploration of Branch’s “special” place, narrated by Cloud Guy.
    •    Deleted Scenes with Intros by Co-Director, Walt Dohrn and Director, Mike Mitchell.
DVD extras:
    •    Sing-Along Feature Mode – Sing along with the Trolls in this engaging, interactive feature on screen
    •    Travel Through Troll Village
    •    The Potion for Stop-Motion
    •    Creating Troll Magic
    •    Deleted Scenes
    •    “Get Back Up Again” Music Video
    •    “Hair Up” Music Video

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