Wolf Creek | The Australian psychological thriller TV series is now yours to own on DVD and Blu-ray

Fresh from freaking out viewers on FOX, Wolf Creek is heading to DVD and Blu-ray from Monday 10 October, courtesy of Eureka Entertainment in the UK.


‘30,000 people go missing in Australia each year, with 90 per cent found within the first month. The rest are never seen again.’

The searing six-part psychological thriller, Wolf Creek, based on the international hit feature film of the same name, follows American teenager Eve Thorogood (Lucy Fry) on holiday with her family in Northern Australia. Sadistic killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) targets the family, viciously slaughtering them for his own twisted pleasure.


Seriously injured, Eve survives the massacre of her parents and little brother, and sets out to bring the killer to justice. And so begins a chilling game of cat and mouse, with the roles reversed and the hunter becoming the hunted.


A Tarantino-esque revenge tale, Wolf Creek reveals Eve’s complex and extraordinary journey, as she evolves from child to adult, from prey to predator. But can she triumph over Mick Taylor, evil incarnate?

Wolf Creek – The Complete First TV Series is available on DVD and Blu-ray on 10 October, and includes featurettes on the locations, visual effects, cast and bringing the film to the small screen.

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