Mr Selfridge

*Mr Selfridge premieres on ITV1 on Sunday, January 6 at 9pm* Award-winning US star Jeremy Piven (Entourage) leads the cast of the new 10-part ITV period drama, Mr Selfridge, as Harry Gordon Selfridge, about the life of the flamboyant and visionary American entrepreneur who set up London’s iconic department store. Created by multi-award winning writer Andrew Davies, Mr Selfridge tells the story of‘Mile a Minute Harry’, a man with a mission to make shopping as thrilling as sex. Pioneering and reckless, with an almost manic energy, he created a theatre of retail where any topic or trend that was new, exciting, entertaining – or sometimes just eccentric – was showcased. The stellar castincludes former Corrie star Katherine Kelly as Harry’s muse Lady Mae Loxley.