It’s time for Mr Selfridge to shut up shop – what were his top selling points?

Mr Selfridge will shut its doors on Friday as the last ever episode brings an end to the period drama starring Jeremy Piven.

Inspired by the life of charismatic American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, the ITV series was first broadcast in 2013.

As the finale gets under way, Harry is in deep trouble thanks to money problems which threaten to overwhelm him. Can he stay a step ahead of his creditors?

Mr Selfridge's Katherine Kelly and Jeremy Piven

Mr Selfridge’s Katherine Kelly and Jeremy Piven (ITV)

Meanwhile, the alluring Lady Mae (Happy Valley’s Katherine Kelly) also finds herself under the glare of the spotlight.

Harry’s legacy has long been an essential part of London’s Oxford Street, but as we prepare to say a fond farewell to the television version, here are five things we’ll miss about Mr Selfridge.

1. Piven’s performance

Jeremy Piven as Mr Selfridge

Jeremy Piven as Mr Selfridge (ITV)

Previously best known for his award-winning portrayal of Entourage’s Ari Gold, Jeremy has impressed year after year as the colourful retail maestro.

He has taken a character who hasn’t always commanded the sympathy of viewers and made him oddly likeable. We care about Harry and we want him to succeed.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role of the loud American now.

2. The enticing Lady Mae

Katherine Kelly in Mr Selfridge

Katherine Kelly in Mr Selfridge (ITV)

Jeremy’s the star of Mr Selfridge, but Katherine Kelly was more than a match for him in the acting stakes.

At times, the former Coronation Street actress stole scene after scene thanks to her portrayal of the wilful socialite who oozed sex appeal and glamour.

Lady Mae’s appetite for beautiful young men made her a modern woman in every sense of the word. What’s not to love?

3. The wonderful costumes

The cast of Mr Selfridge

The cast of Mr Selfridge (ITV)

Need we say more? A period drama without gorgeous costumes is like a shopping centre with no shops.

4. Marvellous Miss Mardle

Mr Selfridge's Amanda Abbington

Mr Selfridge’s Amanda Abbington (ITV)

Amanda Abbington’s portrayal of the lovely Miss Mardle has, rightly, been lauded by critics. An entirely believable and credible performance of integrity has seen her character embraced by fans of the show.

She was never better than when Miss Mardle experienced tragedy. Who can forget Mr Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill), callously dropping her for someone younger?

Or when Miss Mardle found love with Belgian Florian Dupont, only to lose him when he was killed in the First World War? If anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s this woman.

5. Harry’s shopping philosophy

Jeremy Piven in Mr Selfridge

Jeremy Piven in Mr Selfridge (ITV)

If the marketing and merchandising in Mr Selfridge has seemed a tad modern at times, let’s not forget the real Harry Selfridge revolutionised the retail world. And as strange as it may seem, we’re going to miss hearing Jeremy’s Harry say phrases such as, “the customer is always right.”

Mr Selfridge is broadcast on ITV at 9.00pm on 11 March.

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