Katherine Kelly faces violent Mr Selfridge storyline

Mr Selfridge star Katherine Kelly has revealed that her character Lady Mae is set to face some testing times in the second series after her husband, Lord Loxley, returns.

The former Coronation Street star, who plays the socialite in the ITV show, is challenged by her spouse in the very first episode of the show after a confrontation with the department store’s founder over her spending habits.

And as she revealed, things are set to take an even darker turn in the upcoming shows as her husband, played by Aidan McArdle, turns violent.

“Lord Loxley is a very difficult man, so when he arrives it feels like the whole house shakes,” Katherine told The Sun. “He brings thunder with him.

“Violence is almost like a gut reaction from him. You just know from watching him that it’s a regular occurrence.”

But while the actress admitted the plotline may be “shocking”, she admitted: “I really enjoy filming scenes like that.”

Mr Selfridge returns to ITV on Sunday night at 9pm, with Polly Walker also joining the cast as flamboyant writer Delphine Day.

The new series takes place five years after the opening of the famous Oxford Street store, in the shadow of World War I.