The penultimate episode of Series Two of Mr Selfridge started building nicely towards a dramatic finale.

Loxley has lost his wife – or his punchbag, as he liked to treat her. Lady Mae has been given a home with the Selfridges but Loxley will not admit defeat and threatens to ruin her.

Lady Mae shows her appreciation to Harry and Rose by getting rid of Delphine.

Poorly Rose thinks Delphine’s looking out for her when she suggests she go away to the country for her chest congestion but Lady Mae knows what Delphine’s game is.

With Rose gone Delphine can play with Harry – she thinks. But it’s game over after Lady Mae makes sure Delphine stops meddling in Rose and Harry’s marriage.

Talking of marriage… Victor told Agnes. And as George gets home from the war just about in one piece it seems like a good time for a wedding. Doesn’t it, Agnes?

The episode ends on a high, with the arrival of Harry’s daughters and his mother. It’s party time for the Selfridge family…

Now, what could possibly happen in the final episode to ruin their happiness?

Will there be a wedding? Or a funeral?