Strictly Come Dancing‘s Tess Daly talks about the upcoming National Television Awards 2010

So Strictly will be defending its title in the reality category?
“Yes! It’s funny. Once you get a taste of winning, you do think, this is rather nice, I could get used to this! But I’m not feeling competitive, I’m really looking forward to it. It would be wonderful to win because it’s voted for by the viewers, but we’ve got immensely stiff competition from the highest-rating shows on television.”

Do you watch The X Factor?
“I don’t watch it and no one believes me! I can’t even watch the results show on the Sunday because that’s the only time I can write my newspaper column. But I’m sure it’s great fun.”

What do you watch?
“Very little. I’ve been working so much. I need to put my feet up, chill and watch a bit more TV. When I was pregnant I was addicted to Birth Stories. As soon as I saw the baby come into the world that was it, I’d be in floods of tears every time.”

What did you particularly love about this year’s Strictly?
“I loved Ricky Groves’ dancing. He really got what Strictly was all about and had fun with it. And I loved seeing the love story of Ali Bastian and her partner Brian Fortuna emerge.”

Is there anyone you think deserves the Special Recognition Award this year?
“Bruce! For services to TV alone, the man’s a legend in our lifetime.”

And do you look forward to the awards themselves?
“Yes. It’s a really good chance to have a catch up with people we haven’t seen for a while. It’ll be good to see Ant and Dec. Ant’s wife Lisa is a makeup artist on Strictly and the boys are big fans of the show. It’s a real showbiz catch up. It’s probably the best awards show after party there is!”