7 things you didn’t know about Neighbours’ Joe Davidson – AKA Cassius Grady

We reveal all about the man behind the Ramsay Street killer... Written by Claire Crick

Ramsay Street’s Cassius Grady (Joe Davidson) has been harbouring a dark secret ever since he arrived in Neighbours. But at last the truth is out! He’s the one who killed Hamish Roche who also happens to be his father… making Tyler Brennan innocent and also Cassius’s half brother.

But while we still know very little about Cassius’s backstory, here is a little insight into Neighbours star Joe Davidson, who plays him…

1. He comes from a big family

Joe might play a lone ranger in Neighbours, but in real life he is surrounded by family. With four brothers and one sister he certainly lead a chaotic childhood. He recently revealed to fans on social media that he spent his youth surfing, rollerblading, playing football and trying to beat his siblings at Mario Kart!

 2. He almost died last year

Last year my appendix burst and the doctors and nurses told me I almost died. Laying in my hospital bed I told myself I absolutely MUST make it to my acting course on the weekend – it was with a Melbourne Casting Director I really respected and wanted to work with – Thea. I pretended I was better so I could get out ASAP. I was released from hospital at 1pm and rushed to my acting course at 2pm. I couldn't stand up straight. I had patches still on my arms and puss still leaking from my stomach. A guy named Francis walked me up the stairs to my acting class…one step at a time. I sat up the back so no one would see how much pain I was in. Thea called my name and I was assisted to the front of the class room. She kindly asked if I was okay and really up for my scene that day. I insisted I really wanted to do the work no matter how sick I was. I stood infront of the class and acted my little heart out (ironically my scene was about a psychopath that had just escaped hospital, kidnapping a young boy on the way). It was a really odd and special moment in my acting life. Some time later Thea sent me an audition for a new Neighbours character – Cassius. I went through multiple auditions and finally booked the role – thank God! So excited to finally announce that I will be joining the cast of Neighbours. 😊 I LOVE this team, the cast and crew… so incredibly lucky and blessed to be working alongside such big/talented personalities. Really special people. Thank you Thea and the Neighbours team for believing in me. Never is there a day when I come to work and take this job for granted. Thank you 😊❤ Catch Cassius on Ramsay Street this week. #Neighbours #eleven_tv #channel5_tv #UK #Australia #GoldCoast #Sydney #Melbourne

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Joe’s brush with death came when his appendix burst not long before he auditioned for Neighbours. He revealed the shocking news on his Instagram page at the same time it was announced he was joining the show!

 3. He’s a Sagittarius

Born on the 18th December 1991, Joe is the youngest of his five siblings. He’s admitted on Instagram that the best thing about coming from a big family is the fact you get to eat birthday cake at regular intervals throughout the year. He told his fans: “6 kids, plus mum and dad = 8 cakes in a year. My favourite was my dinosaur cake!”

 4. He’s a huge Steve Irwin fan!

Steve Irwin

Joe’s admitted that he has always been a fan of the Australian zookeeper and conservationist, calling him “a true legend” on his Facebook page. Joe even went to see Steve in a live show before he tragically died in 2006 after being stung by a stingray while filming his TV show.

 5. He loves the fans of Neighbours

Joe’s revealed that there’s nothing he likes more than a good fan theory, especially it involves his character, Cassius. In fact the actor recently told Digital Spy: “There are so many die hard fans of Neighbours. It’s great how much effort they put in. Power to the fans!”

 6. He doesn’t mind going shirtless on screen

Cassius Neighbours

The fact that Cassuis is rarely seen with a shirt on in Neighbours is a much-debated topic online. But Joe doesn’t seem to mind the frenzy he’s caused. He told Digital Spy: “If the writers had written Cassius as a piece of meat then I would think it wasn’t right, but he was doing it to manipulate everyone into thinking he was a gardener and not a murderer!”

 7. He believes Cassius can be redeemed

His character has just been revealed as a murderer, but Joe believes he isn’t a bad person. He recently told Radio Times: “Deep down I don’t think Cassius is a bad guy, he’s just made a big mistake. He feels terrible for the fact Tyler’s in prison because of him!”

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