A chat with Neighbours’ bad boy Jordan Smith

Neighbours‘ star Jordan Smith talks about life in Australia – and getting up to mischief as Andrew Robinson

What’s been your favourite storyline since you joined Neighbours?

“I’ve really enjoyed the pregnancy storyline because you’ve seen Andrew go from sheer panic to taking responsibility and growing up a little. Then it just unravels and you see another side.”

What’s it like having the legendary Stefan Dennis as your on-screen dad?

“It’s awesome. While he is a pretty laid back, funny guy, he knows straight away if I’m struggling with a scene and the advice he offers is always spot on. He has really helped me, as did Jane Hall.”

Which Ramsay Street female do the fans most want to see Andrew get together with?

“Definitely Summer. The fans are pretty tough on Tash.”

Neighbours has recently changed channels in Australia. Is the show changing at all?

“Not really. It will still be the Neighbours that fans expect and enjoy. We may push the storylines a little further, but I think we do that anyway. Just look at Andrew, when he first arrived, he was in a sex tape with Donna! The writers do a great job in taking the characters out of their comfort zone and into new directions.”

You’re originally from Scotland. What do you miss about your homeland?

“Well, it’s 39degC here today on Ramsay Street so I’ll say the cooler weather! I was pretty young when we left Scotland, so I’m looking forward to one day going back and taking in the history. And the football is different here.”

Have friends/family flown out to visit you in Melbourne?

“All of our immediate family are either here or in New Zealand, so we haven’t had any visitors.”

When did you last visit the UK and where are your favourite places to hang out?

“I haven’t been back since we moved here in 2003, but I’m hoping to do a trip in the next year.”

Were you involved in the Neighbours Night to raise runds for the victims of the Queensland floods? What did you do on the night?

“It was a great night and all credit to Alan Fletcher for pulling it together at such short notice. There were about 20 past and present Neighbours cast. Alan, Stefan and Sam Clark did the singing, the rest of us mingled with fans, auctioned off prizes and posed for photographs. Everyone had a great night.”

What would you like to see happen to your character in 2011?

“Definitely getting into more trouble! Andrew’s best work is when he is messing up and it’s fun to play.”

Does what happens to Andrew in the current UK storyline make him reassess his life – and his attitudes?

“He is probably too young for this to be a defining moment because, let’s face it, the guy is all over the place. But I think for the first time he senses that his father really does love him when he sees how worried Paul is about his welfare.”

And, who does Andrew really want to be with – Summer or Tasha?

“Definitely Summer – but these two always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and this current storyline is a classic. Finally, they manage to escape from Tash and the house goes up in in flames!”

*Neighbours is on weeknights at 5.30pm on Five.