Jordy Lucas, 19, who plays Summer Hoyland in Five’s Neighbours, tells us about landing the role in the classic soap and what we can expect from Summer…

Is it true that you landed the role of Summer through a magazine competition? What did you have to do to become a winner?
“Not exactly. I did enter a competition a couple of years earlier for a different role, but I didn’t win it. I auditioned for the Summer role separately.”

Summer has been at the centre of some big storylines since she arrived back in Ramsay Street last year. Which has been your favourite?
“I really enjoyed the Steph storyline last year which divided Ramsay Street. It was the first real meaty storyline I could get into, and working closely with Carla (Bonner) and Janet (Andrewartha) was great.”

Summer is a pretty sparky character – she likes to fight for her rights! Are you similar at all?
“I certainly have an opinion about lots of different subjects, but I don’t go to the lengths that Summer does.”

Has starring in Neighbours changed your life in any big way?
“Absolutely. I think I’ve grown up a lot and also grown as an actor. And of course the public recognition took some getting used to.”

Do you have any favourite TV shows/actors?
“I really admire Natalie Portman and Glee is a big favourite.”

Neighbours has featured some guest bands in the past. Which pop/rock group would you most like to see play at Charlie’s?
“Thirty Merc and The Script, that would be awesome.”

Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s in store for Summer over the next few months?
“Well, lots of drama! Summer and Andrew have a lot to resolve after the fake pregnancy saga with Tash and she also has to cope with her gran (Lyn Scully) leaving and what happens to her after that.”

Has there ever been any talk of bringing back the rest of the Hoyland family to Erinsborough? Would you like that?
“I haven’t heard any talk, but I think it would be fun, particularly Natalie Bassingthwaighte.”

Have you ever visited the UK, where Neighbours still has a big following?
“Not yet, but it’s definitely on my list of places to travel to.”