Alan hails new Neighbours stars after so many left

Neighbours star Alan Fletcher has hailed newcomers Gemma Pranita and Scott McGregor as ones to watch in the new year.

Scott, who plays Detective Mark Brennan, becomes a regular character on Ramsay Street in 2011, while Gemma will be seen as Eve Mitchell’s sister Jade.

Her arrival follows the departure of three big names from the show – Jane Hall, who plays Rebecca Napier, Erin Mullally (Declan Napier) and Matthew Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski).

Alan, who plays Erinsborough favourite Dr Karl Kennedy, said: “It’s sadly one of the realities of making a show like Neighbours that characters will come and go. It’s a little out of the ordinary for so many to leave at the same time, although we have had situations where whole families leave together.

“But at the same time new characters come into the show. We’ve just had some new additions to the programme who’ve just arrived and they’re absolutely fantastic.

“Gemma Pranita has just joined the show as Toadie’s girlfriend’s sister. And the wonderful hunky policeman played by Scott McGregor is fantastic. He’s not only spectacularly handsome, he’s also a very fine actor. While it is very sad to see people go, there’s always an injection of wonderful new characters.”

Brennan was originally in the show for a short stint while he investigated Paul Robinson’s fall from the Lassiters balcony, but he is now set to embark on a romance with Kate Ramsay.

Meanwhile, Jade arrives to expose a dark secret of her sister Eve.

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