Angry Paul refuses to forgive Daniel for his betrayal in Neighbours

Since the bank repossessed everything, including his penthouse, homeless Paul (Stefan Dennis) is forced to return to Ramsay Street and move in as Terese’s lodger at his old home, Number 22. But his mood doesn’t improve when he bumps into his traitor nephew, Daniel (Tim Phillipps)!

Paul rips into Daniel for his betrayal

Daniel still feels guilty about the part he played in landing Paul in trouble with the police over his dodgy dealings. But things get awkward when Daniel realises his uncle is moving in across the road.

Will Paul turn his back on Daniel for good?

Paul feels humiliated now he’s lost his fortune and has to rely on daughter, Amy (Zoe Cramond), to bring him bags of charity clothing. So he’s not in a forgiving mood when Daniel approaches him and tries to make amends.

Daniel tries to talk to Paul – but Paul won’t listen

Daniel is worried after seeing Paul doing a deal with dodgy local businessman, Dimato (David Serafin), and warns him to watch his back. But maybe it’s Daniel who needs to watch his back, when Paul fails to forgive him for his betrayal.

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