Ashleigh Brewer: ‘I’d like Kate to revisit Rhys!’

Ashleigh Brewer reveals what’s in store for her character, Kate Ramsay, in Neighbours (Channel 5, weekdays)…

What’s been your favourite storyline since you joined Neighbours?

“I really enjoyed the ‘real time’ episode where Kate only has half an hour to decide her future, and everything leading up to that. And I’m also really enjoying what I’m doing now when Kate takes off and discoverers herself. I’m seeing another side to the character.”

You recently filmed some episodes in northern Queensland. Can you tell us about how Kate and then Paul end up there?

“Kate goes to Port Douglas to basically get away from all the drama in her life and relax with a friend she meets in Erinsborough. Kate doesn’t realise that all hell breaks loose back home with her sister, Sophie, and Paul needs to find Kate urgently. “

What was it like filming on location? Did you get any time off to enjoy the area?

“It was a really hectic schedule so unfortunately I only saw where we were filming. But what I did see is absolutely beautiful.”

Did you get the chance to meet your cousin, Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan), when he visited the Neighbours set recently?

“No unfortunately I didn’t, I was on location when he was there. I really wish I had.”

A lot of our readers were really upset that it wasn’t a happy ending for Kate and Detective Brennan. What did you think about that whole storyline?

“I’m still reminded of it daily by fans on Twitter. I almost feel like it was a real part of my life. To be honest it was a storyline and while it may sound cliched, I have moved on from that storyline now. There is so much coming up with Kate.”

Is there anyone else on Ramsay Street who you think would be a good romantic match for Kate?

“I think Rhys would be interesting to revisit. Kate is very independent and seems to go for guys that float in and then float out. I think she may regret some of the decisions she has made when it comes men, even going as far back as Declan.”

Have you heard from Margot Robbie out in LA? Have you caught her new series, Pan Am?

“Yeah, we’re in touch all the time and she is really well. I haven’t watched the show yet, but can’t wait to see it.”

You have a busy Neighbours filming schedule. But what do you like to get up to on your days off?

“I love exercise particularly running, going out for breakfast or lunch… Basically running and eating!”