Neighbours‘ Lauren Turner will have her life turned upside down when her mother Kathy Carpenter reveals a shocking secret.

Kathy (Tina Bursill) is set to reveal that the baby Lauren (Kate Kendall) had almost 20 years ago and believed to have died in childbirth is alive.

Viewers have seen Lauren confess to Lucy Robinson that when she left Ramsay Street in 1994 she was secretly pregnant with high school sweetheart Brad Willis’s baby. But Lauren thought the baby had died due to complications during the birth.

When Kathy arrives in Erinsborough she sees Lauren is on the verge of revealing her secret to Brad and her husband Matt.

When Kathy can’t persuade Lauren to keep hiding the truth about her past, she ends up blurting out that the baby didn’t really die and Lauren has a secret daughter.

Kathy admits that she made a spur of the moment decision to lie to Lauren, believing she was protecting her, and has kept the secret all these years.

Learning she has a daughter she never knew drives Lauren to reveal all – but her confession could end up tearing the Turner and Willis families apart.