BBC3 to host celebration of Neighbours

BBC3 is screening a night of shows about long-running Aussie soap Neighbours on Sunday week.

The BBC recently pulled out of a bidding war for the soap it has screened for 21 years. Five eventually won the rights to screen it from mid-2008.

Neighbours Night on July 14 will feature backstage access, exclusive interviews and classic archive footage not seen for years.

The basis of the night will be five episodes of Neighbours Revealed; and each half hour programme will have its own flavour and theme.

* In ‘Everybody Needs Good Neighbours’ the story of Neighbours is told from the very beginning, how the series came to the UK, and looking at just why the series has become such a global hit.

* In ‘The Talent of Ramsay Street’ all the eye-catching girls and boys who have graced Erinsborough over the years will be recalled.

* ‘Neighbours Rule UK’ catches up with some familiar faces of the past such as Craig McLachlan and Anne Charleston who have lived and worked in the UK…

* ‘Here’s to You Mr Robinson’ joins the legendary Paul Robinson (aka Stefan Dennis) for a day in his marital life, joining him on set on the day of his fateful marriage to Lyn Scully.

* And ‘Life, Death and Neighbours’ recalls the biggest, the best, the saddest and the most shocking moments of more than 20 years of life on Ramsay Street.

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