Neighbours bosses have hinted at the shocks fans can expect in the lead-up to the 6,000th episode of the Channel 5 soap.

Producer Susan Bower told Inside Soap that Ringo and Donna tie the knot and Paul gets pushed over a balcony, leaving everyone a suspect.

She said: “Viewers will know ahead of the characters who the culprit is.”

As for whether Donna and Ringo’s big day leads to a life of wedded bliss, she said: “All I’m prepared to say it that the wedding will be followed by a tragedy.”

Bower also revealed that when Steph gives birth to her baby, Libby and Toadie’s worlds will be rocked.

She said: “There are two humongous surprises in store. Even I was shocked when I found out what the story team had planned!”

Bower added that Karl and Susan Kennedy are the rocks that remain steady in the soap chaos of Neighbours.

Despite the high drama for the celebratory episode, airing this week in Australia, fans can rely on the Kennedys as the ‘steady influence’ in Erinsborough, she promised.

Susan said: “Those two are the stalwarts of the show.”

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