Brennan returns from the dead in Neighbours!

The wait is almost over for UK viewers as dishy Detective Mark Brennan returns to Neighbours on Monday, June 17 on Channel 5.

But his return comes as a total shock for Kate Ramsay, who believes her copper boyfriend died in witness protection two years ago.

“I had a meeting with the producers and they told me they were bringing Mark Brennan back,” says Ashleigh Brewer, who plays Kate. “So all that crying Kate did over Brennan for months was for nothing!”

As a solar eclipse plunges the neighbourhood into near-darkness, Kate thinks her eyes are playing tricks when she sees a man who looks just like her dead ex-boyfriend. But how is Mark still alive? And what is he doing back in Erinsborough?

“Brennan has got a whole new life somewhere else,” explains Ashleigh. “But he has come back for Kate because he wants to know if there is still hope for their relationship or if it’s time for closure. So Kate has to choose between Brennan and where she is in her life right now.”

With Kate still questioning her feelings for neighbour, Mason, she is thrown by Brennan’s return. Will she fall back into his arms? Or will the hunky fella be leaving Neighbours with a broken heart?

“You’ll have to wait and see!” teases Ashleigh. “But it was great having Scott McGregor back again, although we had to film about five weeks’ worth of scenes in one week, as Scott was only available for a short time while he was over from Los Angeles. So I hope our scenes don’t look too rushed!”


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