Can Sonya save Toadie from nutty nurse Belinda in Neighbours?

As Toadie gets ready for a risky operation which could help him walk again, his life is in danger when Steph’s troublesome ex-girlfriend, Belinda, lands a job at Erinsborough hospital. Neighbours star, Eve Morey, who plays Toadie’s wife, Sonya, tells us all about the big upcoming drama for the Rebecchi family.

Are you excited about your Christmas break from Neighbours?
“My husband, Jonathan (Dutton, who used to play Toadie’s cousin, Tad) and I have had a big year. Actually it’s been a big two years. I was pregnant, then this is our first year with our daughter, Ivy. We got married and went overseas. So I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for Christmas. All we have to do is get up, look after Ivy and chillout!”

It’s been a big year on screen for Toadie and Sonya. What was it like filming those scenes for the fire at Erinsborough High?

”It was pretty awesome. You walked onto set and thought, ‘Wow!’ You felt like you were in some kind of film. It was exciting to do. I thought Sonya did an amazing job pulling Toadie out of the fire because I could literally only pull Ryan Moloney [Toadie] about a metre. He was so heavy! How she got him down the stairs and pulled him out of the school, I don’t know!”

How does Sonya feel about Toadie’s old love, Steph, being back in Erinsborough?
“Sonya’s doing her best but she does find it incredibly difficult. It was a big gesture getting Steph [Carla Bonner] to move into Number 26. I think she did it because she wanted to be OK with their friendship and felt embarrassed she’d felt threatened and jealous by their past relationship. But Sonya struggles, given the circumstances of their history. When Sonya first appeared on the show, it took her a long time to let her guard down to Toadie. When she finally did and fell in love with him, he broke up with her to be with Steph. He said he was in love with her and they were going to have a baby together. But it turned out he was actually lying. He was protecting Libby [Kym Valentine] from the fact Steph was pregnant with her husband, Daniel’s baby. So he lied to everyone in his life for Steph and Sonya is very aware of that.


Steph’s ex-girlfriend, Belinda, has now arrived on the scene and is a whole lot of trouble!
“Sonya is a bit wary of Belinda [Nikki Shiels]. The fact she had a relationship with one of her patients, Steph, is a big no-no in a lot of people’s books. She thinks, ‘Who is this woman? That’s totally inappropriate!’ And then the fact Belinda bursts into their house, demanding to talk to Steph, accusing Jarrod of manipulating the situation. Belinda threatens Jarrod will pay for what ever he has done. Sonya feels this woman needs to be out of their lives.”

When Neighbours returns in the New Year, Toadie is due to have surgery…but could be in danger from new hospital nurse, Belinda!
“At this point in time, we don’t know if Toadie will walk again. But there’s always the hope he could. The surgery will tell them if he will walk again or he won’t. So it’s a big thing for them. The surgery is going to decide their fate and they are both scared. Sonya  thinks Belinda has manipulated the situation to get into the surgery room. After the threats she made against Toadie, all Sonya can think is, ‘I need to get that woman away from my husband!’ She takes it upon herself to run through the halls of the hospital, and stumbles upon the surgery room and demands Belinda be removed!”

Is Sonya going to regret bursting into the operating theatre and disrupting Toadie’s surgery?

”In the aftermath, Sonya is unapologetic about her actions. Belinda should not have been in the surgery. But there are consequences. Has she prevented Toadie from ever walking again? The outcome is not great…”

Neighbours returns to Channel 5 on Monday 4th January at 1.45pm and 5.30pm – and, for the first time ever, the nation’s favourite Australian soap will broadcast on the same day in both the UK and Oz!

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