Carla Bonner to co-star with her son in Neighbours

Neighbours’ Carla Bonner reveals to Soaplife that Steph’s return to Ramsay Street is short – and not very sweet!

So, Steph returns as the new manager of Harold’s store…
“Steph still considers Ramsay Street as home… it’s really all she has known.”

Is Steph still a criminal in some people’s eyes?
“It was clear that Ringo’s death was an accident, hence the manslaughter charge, so I think most people feel she’s done her time. She didn’t mean for it to happen and she lost a lot, including both her children. Now she’s trying to start afresh.”

But she hasn’t forgiven lawyer Toadie for failing to keep her out of prison, has she?
“No. She turns on Toadie and lets him know she blames him for her prison sentence and, more importantly, losing her children. Toadie is shattered.”

Steph and Lucas were very much in love… How does she feel about him now?
“She’s definitely pleased to see him and there’s a flicker of hope that he may feel the same way he did about her just before she went to jail. It’s a shock when she finds out he’s set up home with Vanessa and they have a baby together.”

And then Lucas proposes to Vanessa…
“That’s like a knife through the heart for Steph.”

But she still has hope?
“Most definitely! All is not what it seems with Steph…”
You’re back for a few weeks… Would you return again if the chance came up?
“I’d certainly consider it, but the story has to be heightened drama and not just a pop-in to say ‘Hello’, which is why I love this return. It has everything.”

Your real-life son Harley’s just joined Neighbours as Joshua Willis… Have you given him any tips?
“I’ve spent 11 years giving him advice. I talk to him about not losing himself, not believing the publicity and basically staying grounded. I’m so happy he’s starting his full-time career at Neighbours. It’s a wonderful environment for a young actor to learn in and I know he’ll make the producers proud… I’m so proud!”


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