Dieter Brummer’s back as nasty Neighbour Troy

Trouble-maker supreme Troy Miller is returning to Neighbours and we catch up with Dieter Brummer to get the latest on Ramsay Street’s nastiest neighbour!

What brings Troy back to Ramsay Street? Surely he’s not welcome after everything that happened last year?

“Callum. He wants to be a part of his son’s life, but he knows he has to be the proactive one after what happened last time.”

How do Sonya and Toadie react when they discover that Troy has moved in next door to them?!

“We have only just filmed those scenes so I can’t say too much, but let’s just say they don’t throw him a welcome home party.”

Last time around, Troy trapped Sonya in his hotel room and threatened both Toadie and Harold. Does the character have a nice side at all?

“That’s an interesting question. His intentions are good from the point-of-view that he wants to be with his son, Callum. However there is some really bad, dark stuff going on with Troy and that overrides any of his positive motives.”

If Troy was given a chance, would he be a good dad to Callum?

“If it was just he and Callum, yes, I think he could be a great dad. But that’s not the real world.”

Can you give us a few hints about what kind of trouble Troy is going to be getting up to during his latest stay in Erinsborough?

“He is a great strategist and knows how to push people so they end up doing things that are to their detriment, and to his advantage, as some of the Ramsay Street locals will soon find out!”

Obviously you’re used to the fast-paced world of shooting soaps. But what has your Neighbours experience been like? Which cast members have been a laugh to hang out with behind-the-scenes?

“If it’s an early start, try to get a good night’s sleep, learn your lines and just dive in. I don’t over-think it any more, just go with the flow. Everyone is terrific and made me feel very welcome. Scotty Major (Lucas) is a mate from way back so we have a good laugh together. However all the cast are great fun.”

You’re back in Melbourne (from Sydney) while you’re filming Neighbours. How does the city compare to home?

“I love Melbourne. It has a great cafe scene, restaurants, and is easy to get around. I’ve also found a terrific pool and have been spending what spare time I have there. Melbourne is a good place to get out and about, and the weather is superb at the moment… I just have to keep an eye on what time I start the next morning!”

Finally, are you still in touch with anyone from your Home and Away days? Do you ever catch the series these days? Does it bring back any fun memories? (P.S We do still remember getting a bit emotional when Shane came to such a tearful end!)

“I’m still in touch with some of the cast, Matt Doran (who played Irene’s son, Damien) Tristian Bancks (Tug), Andrew Hill (Hayden) and occasionally through Facebook with some of the older actors. I have some great memories of Home and Away. However, It’s been nearly 18 years since I was on the show so I’ve definitely moved on and am enjoying the challenge of new roles.”

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