Neighbours actress Eve Morey has said that the soap is like a Greek tragedy due to the variety of different storylines it features.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine Eve, who plays Sonya Mitchell, said she was impressed by how many different subjects the show managed to tackle.

“I adore working on the show!” she said. “My fellow cast members are wonderful people, and it’s a pleasure to come into work every day.

“Neighbours is like a Greek tragedy in some ways – you get to play so many different storylines and emotions.”

Eve added that she is particularly fond of co-star Morgan Baker, who plays her screen son Callum. “I absolutely adore him – he’s so funny,” she said. “If he were my son in real life, I couldn’t be any prouder.”

However she admitted that she did not see her character tying the knot with Toadie, played by Ryan Moloney – saying that the actor was not keen on the idea.

“I would love for them to get married, but it’s not going to happen,” she revealed. “Ryan Moloney is really against the idea because dreadful things end up happening to his on-air wives. It seems that they’re destined to either die or get sent to jail.”