Eve spills Sonya’s Ramsay Street secrets!

We chat to Neighbours star Eve Morey (Sonya) about Toadie, babies and possible wedding bells!

What do you think it is that people love about Sonya? After all, she wasn’t meant to be a long-running character originally was she?

“Yes, that’s correct, she came in as a guest. I think she is very relatable to viewers because she’s pretty normal. Even looks wise, she’s not glamorous, there is something quite humbling about her. Also I think on an emotional level she always tries to do the right thing and the audience relates to that even when things are quite dramatic, she always does it for the right reason. Her heart is always in the right place.”

She’s currently a garden nursery owner – what are your own gardening skills like?!

“Arrr, I don’t have any! I live in a shoebox, an apartment which doesn’t have a balcony so the closest I get to dirt and anything growing is on the show. I always like the idea of gardening, particularly as a kid because my Dad is an exceptional gardener and made me my very own garden patch.”

How did you feel when you found out that Sonya was in fact the biological mum of Callum?

“It was quite daunting from an acting point of view because it felt like ‘wow, you’ve been here a year and half and you haven’t played that at all’, no hints and you do think how you may have played it differently. But having said that, it was fun to see how Sonya changed when suddenly she can actually be a mother to Callum. It was also incredibly exciting because I adore Morgan (Jones), who plays Callum, so I get to do more with him.”

Was there any angry viewer feedback at the time about Sonya upsetting poor old Toadie?

“No, not at all. It was a long road before they reached this point and I guess Toadie had put her through the ropes with the whole Steph and baby façade, and she stuck with him.”

In the latest storylines, Sonya is getting broody for a baby. What kind of parents do you think Sonya and Toadie will make?

“I think they would be wonderful parents because they have put so much thought into the decision. Toadie has always wanted a child and Sonya has always had this thing in her to make up for her past troubles. Whether there might be too much care and thought to get this one right, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Has Sonya come to terms with everything involving Callum that happened to her in the past?

“I think it is something she struggles with everyday and needs to be reminded her that she is forgiven.”

What about wedding bells? Any hints that Sonya and Toadie will be getting married?

“I don’t think so, in the near future at least. I think the true marriage for this couple is having kids; they’ll be more connected this way than if they got married. But you never know.”

The Neighbours filming schedule is pretty hectic. But what do you like to get up to on your days off?

“I like to catch up with friends and really boring stuff like dusting and yesterday I did my tax, so really exciting! I also like running and pretty chuffed that I completed a half-marathon last weekend in a Melbourne running event so the fitness thing is pretty important.”