Ex-Neighbours star Blair loves London life

Former Neighbours star Blair McDonough has revealed he misses the hit Australian soap – but is enjoying London life too much to go back.

Blair, who played Stuart in the show until this year, is currently treading the boards in the West End as a laidback traveller in Melanie Tait’s The Vegemite Tales.

The 26-year-old said: “I do miss the job as it was fun, but at the same time I wouldn’t ever give up what I’m doing now to go back.”

He added: “I still talk to a lot of the people out there because it’s a very family-orientated atmosphere and they’re people that I don’t wanna lose touch with.”

But the actor insisted he had made the right decision by leaving the show after six years.

“I was running into a bit of a dead end in Australia, I’d done Neighbours and I was kinda like ‘I just need to get up and move and start afresh’.

“It’s opened my eyes up to a whole different realm of possibilities. Career and everything, it’s great it’s always stimulating the brain.”

Blair, who came to fame after appearing in Australian Big Brother, explained that The Vegemite Tales revolves around different Australian characters who come to London to ‘broaden their horizons’.

“[It] shows a lot of funny situations that you get yourself into when you’re in another country.

“It’s a very good laugh, but at the same time it can be a little bit touching because there are some serious moments.”

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