Harold Bishop reminisces about Neighbours (VIDEO)

Veteran actor Ian Smith told whatsontv.co.uk that the one key event he’ll remember from his 17 years on Neighbours was Harold’s marriage to Madge (Anne Charleston).

“That was a very big thing,” said Ian. “We knew that we were working well together; Anne and I knew we were working well together.

“We trusted each other, which is very very rare thing for two working actors because of the ego thing… Usually people try to top themselves; we never tried to top each other.

“I tried to add to Anne cos I knew that would add to me and Anne tried to add to me. We were a twosome, we were a double act. And we never tried to be anything else.”

After Madge’s death Harold’s comic double act with Lou Carpenter led to people calling them the new Odd Couple.

Ian, 69, has called time on his Neighbours’ career and his exit will be seen later in 2008 on Five. But he will return to the soap from time to time during his retirement.

VIDEO: Click to watch the interview with Ian Smith