Veteran actor Alan Hopgood is returning to Neighbours as Jack Lassiter, founder of the Lassiter’s business empire.

The 78-year-old Australian film star and writer appeared in the soap when it first began in 1985, and his character Jack took over the local pub and called it Lassiter’s.

Lassiter’s is now a global hotel chain and shopping complex owned by Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis, who worked with Alan when he was first on Neighbours.

Alan is to make a guest appearance in the soap when Jack returns to dispense some of his wealth among the people of Erinsborough, sparking a frenzy in Ramsay Street.

The actor said: “I thoroughly enjoyed returning to the set. In some ways things hadn’t changed and in others it was very different which made it interesting. It didn’t take long at all to settle back in, everyone made me feel very welcome.

“It was terrific working with Stefan again who is so professional and I also enjoyed working with the new cast.”

Jack’s return screens in Australia later this month, and on Channel 5 in the UK on September 24.