I want Sam back in Neighbours, says Stefan

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis has said he is campaigning for Simone Buchanon to return to the soap full time as ruthless Sam Fitzgerald.

The actress has returned to the show for a brief stint in order for her character to try and bring down Steph Scully, who is on trial over the death of Ringo Brown.

However Stefan wants her to come back again to become a permanent ally for his alter ego Paul Robinson.

“We want Sam to come back,” he said. “I am working on the writing team to bring Sam back to be an ally of Paul’s full time. So look out for that one.

“Simone and I worked together on Flying Doctors and have a great camaraderie. But I told the writers I don’t want Paul and Sam to have a relationship. I want them to work together as allies. I am chipping away at that one. It may not happen.”

And explaining why the characters work so well together, Stefan revealed, “Paul and Sam are exactly on each other’s wave length. She’s as ruthless as Paul but goes about it in a different way. She’s a cleverer and more intellectual version of Izzy.”

“Paul grew to love Donna as a daughter, particularly after his real daughter Elle left,” he added. “As far as he’s concerned, Steph killed his surrogate daughter’s husband. He thinks ‘I’m going to do everything I can to have that woman put away’.”