When Dylan finds out Stingray is the father of Sky‘s baby he decides to wipe his brother out of his life! Damien Bodie reveals all!

How’s Dylan feeling in the run up to his wedding to Sky?
Incredibly happy! He’s in love with Sky and believes they’ll be together for the rest of their lives.

And he’s looking forward to being a dad?
Totally. Dylan knows their baby will be the one pure thing he has. But the baby isn’t his and Sky’s about to finally tell him. What makes her confess? Keeping the secret about the baby’s dad is making Sky ill and Karl warns her it’s not good for the baby – which is due anytime now. Karl warns Sky she must tell Dylan the truth for her sake and the baby’s.

But she doesn’t tell him the whole truth…
Not at first. She does tell him he’s not the father – but she doesn’t say who is…

How does he react?
He’s shocked beyond belief she could have lied to him for so long.

Karl’s worried he’ll get violent. Does he?
No. Dylan wants to hurt her emotionally so he says they can only stay together if she gives the baby up for adoption.

Does Sky agree?
Dylan backs down after a chat with his nan, who makes him see he can still love Sky and the baby. Instead Dylan says he’s prepared to work through things and go to counselling if she promises never to lie to him again – which heaps on the guilt as she still hasn’t told him the whole truth…

But she does tell him, yes?
Yes. Sky knows this will be a life-long lie and fears the baby may pop out looking like Stingray saying ‘spigging’! So she admits Stingray’s the dad.

Dylan must be gutted?
He knew Sky and Stingray had been mates but had no idea they’d been lovers. He’s shocked, frustrated and angry Stingray would even go there and Sky would lie and deceive him as she has.

Who does he feel most betrayed by?
That’s a tough question. The fact Dylan’s brother is going to father Dylan’s fiancée’s child is beyond anything Dylan could’ve predicted.

Does he confront his brother?
Oh yes! He pretends the wedding’s still on and tells Stingray he’s taking him on a bucks night. He promises him an evening he’ll never forget!

And Stingray isn’t suspicious?
No. He doesn’t even know he’s the father so he’s completely oblivious to Dylan’s real motives.

What happens between them?
They’re on a roof and Dylan grabs Stingray. He says Stingray is no longer his brother and Stingray knows he’s ruined his family. We had fun filming, but it was emotional stuff.

How would you like to see this pan out?
I hope Dylan will come to understand the baby’s his nephew, but that‘s a long way down the track. Now everywhere Dylan turns he’s reminded of the betrayal and of what he’s lost. What he had with Sky was a beautiful thing.