Jason Donovan still ‘tempted’ by drugs

Jason Donovan has admitted that ‘temptation is always there’, 12 years after he quit drugs.

The Australian star said cocaine made him feel like ‘the master of the ball’ while he was taking it.

Talking to former newspaper editor Piers Morgan on his Life Stories show, he spoke about the night he collapsed during Kate Moss’s birthday party at the Viper Room club in Los Angeles.

The former Neighbours star said: “I’d been in Sydney taking drugs and then I flew to LA. I got hold of some coke there, I’m jet-lagged, it’s an extremely strong consistency of the drug and I spent my entire time in the hotel room. The only time I went out was to the party.”

Jason was eventually taken away in an ambulance and said: “It was an embarrassing situation to be in, but I was a drug addict at the time.

“I just went back to the hotel, after they’d checked me out of the hospital and got back on it.”

The star, who described red wine as his biggest sin now, said: “Temptation is always there with everything in life, you know, it’s how you approach things and what’s important and, maybe in a funny way, I love a glass of wine now and I can still enjoy it.”

The programme, on ITV1 tonight (Friday), also features an interview with Jason’s friend Phillip Schofield, who said he thought his drug use would lead to ‘tragedy’.

He said: “Jason was at the time quite often chemically assisted. On a couple of occasions I went out for lunch with him and the next day he wouldn’t remember where we’d been or the fact that we’d met up.”

See the full interview on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Jason Donovan on ITV1 at 9pm.