Kate Kendall reveals Lauren’s ‘shock and awe’ discovery in Neighbours

Neighbours star Kate Kendall chats to us about Lauren’s long-lost daughter, Paige, celebrity guest star Paula Abdul and THAT kiss with ex-love, Brad!

How would you define Brad and Lauren’s relationship?
“It might have been slightly unresolved for Lauren all those years ago. Brad was her first love so I don’t know if she ever really got over him. They are similar souls in a way. They are both family people and have a fair bit in common.”

What’s going to happen if Lauren’s hubby, Matt, finds out about her kiss with Brad?
“Oh, I don’t think he will deal with it well! I think Lauren may have run out of luck. I don’t think he’ll go, ‘Oh, it was just as kiss!’

Lauren and Brad’s long-lost daughter Paige has just turned up in Erinsboroug…
“Paige rubs everyone up the wrong way. But Paige does want to get along with Lauren, and Lauren ends up taking her on as an employee at Harold’s. Lauren will generally see the good in people. That’s in her nature. She has an immediate connection with Paige, which is really interesting.”

Does Lauren have any idea who Paige really is?
“No, Lauren is in absolute ignorance. So she will be in shock and awe when the truth comes out, that her daughter has been living under her nose all this time!”

How will Lauren react when she realises Paige has been hiding her true identity?
“Well, we’ve shot that scene, but you’ll have to wait and see! It’s emotionally charged. The way it unravels is really well done. There is going to be a shock of thunder! It’s going to be a big revelation.”

What’s it been like playing this storyline? You’ve had some big, emotional scenes...
“It’s been amazing. I couldn’t have asked Neighbours to write a more satisfying storyline. It has been quite gruelling at times because you are filming a lot of scenes for a long time. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just go home, have a glass of wine and fall into bed! You are quite drained. Your mind knows it is pretend, but your body doesn’t. Your eyes still cry and so on. So it does take its toll, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the storyline arc and I love the trust that has been put in me to really engage with the storyline.”

On a happier note, 80s pop star Paula Abdul makes a guest appearance in Neighbours. Did you meet her?
“I didn’t. But I did meet her briefly on the red carpet at the Logie Awards. She has some scenes with Sheila (Colette Mann), Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and apparently she was really lovely, professional and great fun!”

Are there any other famous folk you’d like to see guest star in Neighbours?
“I think it would be great to see Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan come back as Charlene and Scott, the parents of new kid, Daniel. Why not? Kylie is doing The Voice over here in Australia at the moment. So, you never know!”

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