Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne has revealed Susan Kennedy will be left traumatised by a tornado that hits Ramsay Street.

Susan finds herself trapped in Harold’s Store when the storm hits, and the the ceiling caves in on Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver), with Susan the only one who can save him.

“The tornado was extraordinary but I think just as compelling is the aftermath,” says Susan.

“People have a traumatic experience, it’s not finished when the wind dies down.

“Certainly for Susan, in that life and death situation she acted and that’s all great, but then afterwards she starts going through the ‘What ifs?’ and that’s when you freak out.

“Once the reality of what has happened sinks in, she has nightmares and it takes her a little while to work her way through that.”

The 58-year-old actress has been in the Channel 5 soap for almost 20 years, along with Alan Fletcher who plays teacher Susan’s doctor husband Karl.

Jackie thinks their characters have stood the test of time partly because they are a little bit “daggy”.

“Susan and Karl are accessible, recognisable and they’re a bit daggy,” she said, “not cool and hip.”

Neighbours, Channel 5, Monday, September 15, 1.45 & 5.30pm