Comedy favourites David Walliams and Matt Lucas will appear in Australian soap Neighbours, it has been confirmed.

The double act will make a cameo appearance as Little Britain characters Lou and Andy – famous for the catchphrase: “I want that one.”

The episode has already been filmed. It will be aired in Australia in three months but British fans will have to wait six months to see the double act in the much-loved soap.

Their visit, during Little Britain’s Australian tour, was apparently “relatively kerfuffle free”, according to its official website.

There was a surreal moment as Matt, dressed as Vicky Pollard, tried to recreate a tableau of their tour sketch featuring characters Harold and Ned from the soap.

But Ian Smith, who plays Harold in the show, was fortunately a fan of their cheeky double act, and was not deterred from showing them around the real life Ramsay Street.

The pair were then transformed into the characters Lou and Andy in the studios to film their cameo, which takes place in the Scarlet bar.

Their scene also involves Toadie, Steph and Pepper from the hit soap.

The pair are not the first celebrities to appear on the hit show – last year cricket legend Shane Warne paid a visit to Ramsay Street.