Madeleine West teases the ‘fireworks’ ahead for Dee, Toadie and Sonya in Neighbours

Resurrected Dee Bliss is about to drop a bombshell on Toadie... and be hit by one herself, reveals Neighbours' Madeleine West

Will Ramsay Street ever be the same again now Dee has returned to Erinsborough? For Toadie and Sonya [Eve Morey] it’s a definite ‘no’ as the second and first Mrs Rebecchi size each other up while Toadie tries to come to terms with the fact that Dee is alive.

“There are understandably mixed emotions – Sonya’s presence means Dee can’t get as close to Toadie as she might like but, then again, she can understand how Sonya resents her being around. It’s safe to say there’ll be a few fireworks,” actress Madeleine West told Soaplife.

And they’ll be followed by an explosion when yet another old Ramsay Street face mysteriously reappears and Dee delivers one mother of a bombshell. . .

What does Dee want from Toadie?
“Ultimately, she says she wants to gain closure. She’s still got lots of gaps in her memories after her amnesia so she’s hoping that Toadie [Ryan Moloney] can help her with these, which will – in turn – help her to move on.”

What are her feelings for him?
“I think everyone keeps a secret place in their heart for their first major love.”

Who is the mystery woman who turns up at Dee’s hotel?
“Sindi Watts [Marisa Warrington] – she tried to wreck Dee and Toadie’s relationship when they were together. She appears to be a changed woman now, but a leopard never really changes its spots. It’s not too long before she’s up to her usual tricks and slap bang in the middle of causing trouble for Toadie.”

What is Dee’s bombshell? Her and Toadie’s child, perhaps?
“You’ll have to wait and see about that! I don’t want to spoil the surprise!”

How will Toadie react if this turns out to be the case?
“Understandably he’d be really shocked – he’d also want to know why she’s never contacted him about it before. After all she knew where he was! If she has had Toadie’s child, I think she’ll have hesitated about contacting him before because the time never seemed quite right.”

How long is Dee back for?
“Dee is back for a few months, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out how her story plays out.”

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