Meet Bossy, Kyle’s new canine pal in Neighbours

Neighbours star Chris Milligan, who plays Kyle Canning reveals all about Kyle and Jade’s upcoming love troubles plus new scene-stealer, Bossy the dog!

How’s everything been going since your painful injury last year? Are you relieved to be free of your crutches?

“Luckily everything is back to normal with the ankle, I was very lucky it wasn’t a permanent injury. Very happy to be off the crutches, although they were great at first to gain some sympathy from the cast and crew until they realised I was quite capable of getting around without them!”

It looks like Kyle has some big love troubles coming up. Just when he’s settled into a relationship with Jade, neighbour Kate falls for him! Are we going to see a Ramsay Street love triangle?

“I can’t say too much as we have just started filming some really juicy stuff which is going to throw Kyle for a six and there are few twists and turns before it’s resolved.”

Kyle’s gran, Sheila (played by former Prisoner star Colette Mann) will be turning up later this year. What’s Kyle’s relationship like with his gran?

“The Cannings are a very close, working class family and his gran rules the roost. He adores her, but also knows that he needs to keep a tight rein on her when it comes to him making his own decisions. She is also quick to judge people.”

What does Sheila think about Jade?

“Hmmm, Sheila is not happy. She perceives Jade’s independence as arrogance which really gets under her skin.”

What’s it been like working with Colette Mann? Has she told you any tales about her days in cult Prisoner?

“She is definitely one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with and such a nice lady as well. She has told us a few things about filming at the studio during her Prisoner days which are hilarious!”

Are there any plans for Luke Pegler to return as Kyle’s cousin, Dane?

“Jeez, I hope so, Luke was fantastic to work with and viewers seemed to really love the character. Now the Canning family is expanding, hopefully that will include a cousin or two coming to stay.”

We’ve seen some cute photos of Bossy the dog! Tell us how Bossy is introduced to the series and what it’s like working with her on set?

“Initially Sonya and Toadie ask Kyle to drive them out to a pet shelter to choose a dog, but Kyle ends up choosing the puppy they were keen on. He takes a brave step of buying her for Jade’s birthday without checking first if she is a dog person, and I think we can guess, she isn’t. Bossy, and that’s her real name, is a pure bred Australian Kelpie, one of the smartest breeds you’ll find. She is an absolute scene stealer and I’m surprised she can actually walk, she is picked up for cuddles so often by the cast and crew and carried everywhere.”

Finally, we also got to see you in kooky kids’ show Dead Gorgeous a few years ago. What did you most like about that series? Are there any plans to make more episodes?

“Definitely the variety of different things my character, David, had to do, I loved the supernatural element. As far as I know, there won’t be another series. If there was, I couldn’t do it anyway as I’m contracted to Neighbours for a while longer.”

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