Morgan Baker shoots his last scenes on Neighbours

Neighbours actor Morgan Baker has finished shooting his last scenes on Ramsay Street.

The 16-year-old, who plays Callum Rebecchi, decided to quit the Australian show so he can focus on his final years of high school. On screen, Callum’s reason for leaving is so he can head to America on a scholarship.

He is seen filming his final moments on Neighbours with his on-screen parents Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Sonya (Eve Morey), as well as Callum’s best friend Bailey Turner (Calen Mackenzie) in two behind-the-scenes videos. The actor also takes fans around the cast’s green room on his last day.

“This is my last scene. It’s pretty emotional. It’s a small scene, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less good than it could be,” he said.

Calen revealed: “Today, I lose a part of myself, part of my soul, my companion, a partner and a soulmate. I don’t have words for you.”

Chris Milligan, who plays Kyle Canning, said: “It’s a sad day. We’re losing a very funny man. He’s going to go off, spread his wings and he’ll be back. We’ll miss him.”

Morgan shed tears as he hugged his Neighbours co-stars after completing his scene, and the cast posed for a photo. They also gave him a watch as a parting gift.

“Thanks for watching over the years. Thanks for loving Callum and goodbye,” he said, as he signed off.

Morgan told Neighbours’ website Tenplay: “I never say never to returning, but it just depends on my situation once I finish school and where I’m at and what I feel like doing.

“I want to continue acting, I just want to put it onto the backburner for a little bit. It also would depend on if they wanted me!”