Neighbours: Carmella’s hospital dash!

Carmella Cammeniti is so distraught when she nearly loses her baby that she cuts Marco out of her life! Neighbours star Natalie Blair explains…

Carmella’s baby comes early… What goes wrong?

“She’s suddenly wracked by pains. She tries to keep her fears secret but her contractions start and she realises she’s in premature labour.”

How premature?

“Six weeks. Marco rushes her to hospital.”

Marco? Where’s daddy-to-be Oliver?

“Oliver gets there as quick as he can but feels very much on the outside as Marco helps Carmella through the contractions.”

Is the baby OK?

“Carmella needs an emergency caesarean and her baby daughter’s having trouble breathing. The baby is whisked to intensive care before Carmella even has the chance to hold her.”

She must be heartbroken?

“She is. She feels desolate and suddenly the connection Carmella’s always had with Oliver is heightened. Together they name their baby Chloe and it’s Marco who feels shut out.”

And who ends up shut out… right?

“Carmella blames herself for her baby being early and, almost to punish herself, she tells Marco she doesn’t want him in her life.”

Does baby Chloe pull through?

“She rallies and Carmella finally gets the chance to hold her in her arms. Her baby’s going to come first for her now.”

Is it really over with Marco then?

“Rosie tries to persuade him to hang in there but he says he won’t fight Carmella’s decision and books a flight out of Melbourne without telling her.”

But he leaves her a present?

“She finds it when she and Oliver open presents they’ve been given for Chloe. It’s a beautiful sketch he did of her while she was pregnant…”

Does it change her decision?

“The note with the painting does. It says how much he loves her and wants them to be together as a family. It makes her realise the love she’s lost…”

Is it too late to stop him leaving?

“Not quite, but time is running out as Frazer has just dropped Marco at the airport while Rosie is still trying to make Carmella decide if she can really let him go…”

And can she?

“If she does, she’ll regret it for ever…”

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