Neighbours character buried alive in shock Christmas cliffhanger

Neighbours favourite Susan Kennedy is buried alive in a shock storyline to be screened on Channel 5 this December, it has been revealed.

Episodes leading up to the Australian soap’s annual Christmas break will see Susan keeping a close eye on former soldier Nate Kinski, the son of her late husband Alex, as she believes he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his time in Afghanistan.

Events take an unexpected turn when Susan sees Nate heading into a park at night carrying a shovel, and she decides to follow him.

Not realising the serious danger she is putting herself in, Susan watches on as Nate begins digging a hole. When Nate leaves the hole Susan decides to look inside to see what he’s up to, but trips and ends up falling in.

As Susan lies unconscious, Nate returns and begins to fill the hole in, unaware that he is burying Susan alive.

As no one, including Nate, knows Susan was at the park, viewers will have to wait until the New Year when Neighbours returns to discover her fate.


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