Neighbours’ Chris Milligan wants bad boy Kyle back

Neighbours actor Chris Milligan has revealed he would like to see his character Kyle Canning show his dark side once again.

The Aussie star admitted that he would love the show’s writers to either offer him a return to his old ways – or even given him an evil twin.

“I want an identical evil twin. That would be good. I’d play both roles, of course. Or bring Kyle back to his bad boy days. Something could change him back – that would be cool,” he said.

“I don’t prefer him as a bad boy, but sometimes I read my script and I think, ‘Kyle does the right thing again, and taking the high moral ground’. He’s always the good guy. I just love his comedy and his funny side, when he’s being a bit of an idiot. That’s the side I enjoy playing the most.”

Chris also revealed that actor Luke Pegler, who played Kyle’s cousin Dane Canning, is unlikely to return to the soap as he is pursuing his career in LA.

“I don’t think Dane will return – Luke is off doing the Hollywood thing so he’s moving on,” he revealed. “Harley did a three-month stint but there is room for him to come back, so he might be coming back.”

However Chris added “I would like to see more Canning relatives come in, especially Kyle’s mum and dad. There are probably thousands of them so uncles, aunties, let’s get them all in while we can!”

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