Neighbours star Eve Morey has admitted she felt awful creating a beautiful wedding just to see it completely destroyed.

Sonya Mitchell’s wedding to Toadie Rebecchi ends in disaster when a gas explosion sends their dreams up in flames, and Neighbours bosses have confirmed at least two people will die. Eve revealed the preparation for the soap was just like a real wedding.

Eve said: “Everyone in all departments were so excited, they always put 100 per cent in but it was like they went 120. It was wonderful to see everyone go, ‘yes, let’s do this’, but at the same time it was disconcerting.

“It was like a real wedding. Everyone has to have costumes, and they have to set up the marquee and everyone has to have place settings and food. The dress I had was designed by the head of costume and made for me. I had to have fittings and hair trials and make-up trials.

“So you’re creating a wedding to then absolutely destroy, which was awful! But it was fun.”

She went on: “We filmed all the happy wedding part in one day. And then they filmed the explosion with no one around, for safety reasons.

“And then we filmed the aftermath the following day and everyone’s covered in soot and the set’s been destroyed.”

Eve revealed she relished the chance to be the bride in a big white wedding.

She said: “It was really exciting because I can imagine myself in real life to not have a particularly conventional wedding, so this was like an opportunity to kind of do it. To have the white dress and do it all.”

The wedding will screen as a one-hour special on Channel 5 on Tuesday, April 16.