Neighbours’ Eve Morey: ‘Newcomer Naomi makes small wounds into gaping, bloody cuts’

Neighbours star Eve Morey has told fans to not “be alarmed” about Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi’s future together.

The couple’s marriage is set to hit the rocks as Sonya battles a gambling addiction and love rival newcomer Naomi Canning (Morgana O’Reilly) tries to get her claws into Toadie (Ryan Moloney).

“Sonya and Toadie have been together for five years and, unfortunately, little things are starting to niggle – which doesn’t mean they’re over, or anything like that, but it’s definitely causing a few issues for them,” says Eve.

“And Naomi is constantly undermining everything Sonya does. It’s such an awesome thing to watch. Naomi makes small wounds into big gaping bloody cuts.

“I hear from fans, ‘Oh my God! Don’t let anything happen to Toadie and Sonya!’,” Eve adds. “It’s not to alarm anyone that it will be over. But you’ve got two people who’ve had this wonderful love story and now, two years down the track for their marriage, life has sort of slowed down a bit and they’re getting to know each other on a deeper level.

“We’re getting into the nitty gritty of their relationship and it’s challenging for them.”

Eve added: “It’s been uncomfortable to play. When things start breaking down in a relationship, especially with two people who love each other as much as Toadie and Sonya do, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a whole bunch of little things which amount to something.

Eve also revealed she is really enjoying working with Morgana.

“She is one of the funniest people I ever met. I adore her! So in some respects we’re happy because we get to do scenes together, but we’re never going to be friends [on screen]. Sonya and Naomi are opposite types of women.

“I get protective of Toadie and Sonya’s relationship and if anyone is going to come and in cause a stir, I’m glad it’s her, but it’s pretty uncomfortable stuff.”

– Press Association