Neighbours: ‘Iconic’ character for 6,000th show

Neighbours may not have bagged Kylie Minogue for their 25th anniversary, but its 6,000th episode will centre on an ‘iconic’ character, say show bosses.

The soap’s executive producer Susan Bower has given hints about the milestone episode, saying a character who has been in the show from day one will feature.

She told website Holy Soap: “He’s our favourite person, the one we love to hate, and it’s really been a nice slow burn.

“We set up different scenarios of other characters who interact with him, and it’s pretty special.”

She added: “It’s special because the whole block also includes a wedding, so I can tell you that.”

Characters returning for the episode include Rosemary Daniels, played by Joy Chambers, and Dan Fitzgerald’s ex-wife Sam, played by Simone Buchanon.

Susan said: “I like that, if we are going to have returning characters, they’re part of the story. They don’t just walk in and say ‘G’day’ and walk out again.”

She said the soap had approached other people too, and added: “For various reasons we were unable to get them through their commitments… It’s not for lack of trying.”

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