Neighbours’ James: ‘It’s hard to hand over Declan’

Neighbours star James Sorensen said his screen replacement doesn’t need much advice on how to play Declan Napier as he has his own ideas.

James is leaving the role after more than two years in Ramsay Street, and Erin Mullally will carry on in his place.

In an interview with Holy Soap website, the departing star said: “Erin is coming in as an actor and he is a great actor, and he has his own ideas on how to play Declan – the only advice I’ve given him is not to stress out because it’s a very fast-paced show, probably one of the hardest actor jobs in Australia.”

Erin has already started work, and James has been on hand to discuss the character and his history.

James said the change-over from one actor to the next will be “nothing over the top”.

“I’m Declan one day and the next day it’s Erin. Pretty simple. That’s how it works, I can’t continue so Erin comes in and picks up the baton. I think it’s easier for the viewers to accept when it’s a simple change-over.”

He admitted it will be strange to see someone else playing the part.

“Of course it will be strange to see someone playing the part that I started and basically created, it’s been my life. It’s not just being Declan at the studio, I get ‘Declan’ on the street, at restaurants, everywhere. Declan is me so to hand it over is difficult.”

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