Neighbours’ Janet: ‘Kym’s back and full of beans’

Janet Andrewartha has revealed Kym Valentine, who plays Libby Kennedy in Neighbours is “full of beans” since coming back to work after experiencing health problems.

The 33-year-old Neighbours star, who has played the character of Libby for 15 years, returned to the set this month after taking time off for health issues, and Janet said it was “marvellous” to have her back.

Janet, who plays Lyn Scully, added: “We have all missed her and she is a bright energy around the place, full of beans and it’s just great to have her back.”

Kym checked into a private hospital in Melbourne last year when she was said to be suffering from exhaustion.

She revealed on her return: “In the past I had a series of private emotional and physical issues that lead to a decline in my health, which are still too raw to talk about.

“However, right now I feel great, and I’m so excited to be back at work.”

Meanwhile, Janet revealed she doesn’t ever plan what she would like to happen to her character Lyn in the show, as she likes surprises.

But Janet said: “I actually don’t forward plan for my characters. It’s fun for me to open a script for the first time and see what the writers have dreamt up. They are the conceptual artists.”

Lyn is currently having a tough time after her house burnt down and she is being blackmailed by Paul after he learned she had been planning an insurance scam.